All artwork is available for purchase, unless otherwise indicated. Please contact me for a studio visit, painting prices, commission inquiries, or to see drawings and other small works. 

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The conceptual framework of these paintings both evokes and challenges feelings of familiarity and understanding by calling upon shifting notions of perspective and disharmonious locational contexts. I employ a diverse breadth of painting techniques to create “material meaning,” which results in paintings that are pictorially unified yet materially disparate. The unification in combination with the subject matter entices the viewer in and strokes their sentimentality; the disparity pushes the viewer away, leaving them to parse through what they truly know and what they don’t.

The work is informed by the roundabout idea that we shape or curate the spaces we inhabit, we inhabit spaces that have been shaped by forces outside our control, and all of these means of shaping space dictate the way we perceive and move through life. Oscillating between the personal: a sense of memory and intimate feelings of loss or grief, and the global: a sense of timelessness and the interchangeability of the feelings we all experience. The work explores shifting perspectives: the innocence of a bird flying overhead, the relatability of looking down at the grounding surface beneath our feet, or the impending threat of a warplane surveying a landscape. The material meaning within the paintings is what brings these perceptions to life, creating tangibility for the intangible and raising questions of what is real or artificial. All of which mimics and challenges the viewer’s navigation through their own experiences.

The work explores the shifting notions of what is up and down, of what is ahead of us and behind us, and the cyclical notion of histories and memories past confronting us once again: buried pieces of familiarity unearthing and rerooting themselves within a new sphere of reality. Time and timelessness, weight and weightlessness, life and lifelessness, bound by a visual dichotomy of physical and emotional tangibility.